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Ramp up Profitability with AI-driven Solutions.

Meet Ty

All-in-One Enterprise AI Solution Virtual Corporate Assistant ✅Sales & Support Assistant ✅Content Creation Assistant ✅Training & Onboarding ✅Knowledgebase ✅Localization ✅

Boost Productivity & Empower Your Team With AI.

Key benefits

Trained On Your Data

Enhanced Productivity

Data Security & Compliance

We leverage advanced AI to help businesses save time and money.




Deploy AI assistants for employees across departments, trained on your company data, ensuring enterprise-grade confidentiality. These AI assistants streamline tasks, provide insights, and enhance productivity, directly addressing your business pain points while safeguarding sensitive information.


Ultimate AI Solution
To Supercharge Your Teams⚡

Employees receive personalized guidance from our AI, reflecting their role and data accessibility. Instant, accurate information for quick and informed decisions.



By You

What if your best employees were most budget-friendly?

Build your AI workforce today!

Grow your business, not your employee count.

Time-consuming customer support

Resource-intensive content creation

Manual knowledgebase maintenance

Inefficient sales outreach

Labor-intensive training processes

Tedious localization efforts

Advanced AI
Rapid customer support resolution

Efficient content creation

Automated knowledgebase updates

Streamlined sales engagement

Enhanced training efficiency

Simplified localization tasks

Train AI on your data

1,400+ different formats supported

Websites, PDF, Office, Podcast, YouTube, Google Search, etc.

Deploy chatbots for all employee and customer needs


Empower your team and elevate customer experience with our AI-driven virtual assistants.


With AI-powered content creation, you can effortlessly generate high-quality content for any purpose or platform.


Utilize the AI knowledgebase feature to swiftly access company or general information at the click of a button.

Sales & Support

Deploy our advanced AI chatbots to streamline support processes and boost customer satisfaction.

Training &

With training and onboarding AI feature, you can easily educate and integrate new employees into your organization.


With AI-powered localization capabilities, effortlessly customize your content to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Brand Awareness

to fit your brand📝

Brand logo
Background design
Prompt text
Sample prompting questions
Response source customization

Use Cases

Self-Guided, Self-Learning AI Assistants
Trained on your Own Data.

KPI booster

Employee Efficiency

Enable employees to focus on high-value activities and improve overall efficiency within your company.

Customer Experience

Enrich the customer experience and foster deeper engagement with your brand with personalized support and instant assistance,

Information Flow

Instant access to relevant information, preventing information silos and reducing delays in decision-making processes.

Growth Through Innovation

Empower your team with Advanced AI to drive innovation, optimize processes, and elevate customer engagement.

unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

Enterprise-grade services

Built for Businesses

A plethora of integrations

You can currently integrate the API into 6000+ systems, like Emails, Slack, SMS, Zapier, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Accurate and relevant responses with an anti-hallucination algorithm and a context boundary wall for trusted information.

Platform auto-updates

Platform auto-updates effortlessly, ensuring you're always equipped with the latest features and enhancements.

Content auto-updates

Content auto-updates seamlessly, keeping your interactions fresh and relevant for your audience.

security and privacy

Enterprise-grade Security

Security is at the core of Ty. We preserve the confidentiality and integrity of your workspace.

Encrypted in transit and rest

SSL encryption during transit. Industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption at rest.

No data sharing

Bots are completely self-contained with no data sharing, even within the same account.


Our systems adhere to SOC 2 Type I compliance standards, with Type II certification pending.

Privacy First

Files are stored only if requested in responses. By default, your chatbot is solely for authorized users.

Secured & Protected

Data and logs are anonymized to ensure that individual user identities remain untraceable.

Trusted Vendors

We implement industry-leading security protocols of trusted vendors such as AWS and Stripe.

Ready to get started?

Change the way information flows in your company. Corporate knowledge at the fingertips of all that need it.

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