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THESE 4 pillars

Organic Growth

Around 80% of all purchases start with a Google search. We will help you create a long-term organic growth plan, so you’re at the top when the customers and potential clients need you the most. If you’re patient enough, we can build you a completely passive user acquisition channel while meeting customers half-way.

Paid Growth

No growth marketing strategy is complete without performance marketing. Be it “stealing” brand traffic from your competitors or nudging interested prospects through re-marketing, we’re well versed in creating and scaling paid media campaigns of any budget.


We start with research and work diligently to set up the best user tracking for your business: From mouse flows, heat maps to various Web analytics solutions (depending on your budget). We then use the data to generate growth campaigns and refine hypotheses.


What makes Aspekt different is that we’re involved. We care. We don’t automate every single task and we’d like to work with you for a long time, while helping you grow your bottom line. It is a true partnership-based approach.

The Core Team

Pavle Radeka

Co-Founder and Head of Operations

Pavle is a seasoned professional with over 12 years of experience in all aspects of digital marketing. At various roles Pavle even managed up to one million in PPC monthly spend (Atlas Capital and MyTrendyPhone) and has worked with leading companies on their marketing efforts.

From SEO to PPC, from mail marketing to digital transformation, he has had experience with a vast and highly diverse client portfolio and can bring unique value and understanding to any project.

Andrej Poljak

Co-Founder and CEO

After a long career in sales, marketing, and running my own service provider hub, I decided to help create a company that prides itself on providing value while delivering world-class level of service.

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